Sanctus Real - This Is Love (2016)

Listen through the following music video published on Youtube to "This Is Love", one of the the 3 newly released singles by Sanctus Real; download available on iTunes and Amazon-mp3.

Escucha por medio del siguiente video musical publicado en Youtube "This Is Love", una de 3 canciones lanzada este 2016 por Sanctus Real; disponible para descargar en iTunes y Amazon-mp3.


1 This Is Love
2 Find Me
3 My Desire

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Sanctus Real - The Dream (album)

"The Dream" is the title of one of the latest CD by christian band Sanctus Real; listen to its songs for free on the Spotify app and download the full album through the links below.


"The Dream" es el título de uno de los CD mas recientes por la banda cristiana Sanctus Real; escucha sus canciones gratis en la aplicación Spotify y descarga el album completo por medio de los siguientes enlaces.

Sanctus Real - The Dream Album


1 The Dream
2 I Need You
3 Head In the Fight
4 Lay It Down
5 Easier On My Heart
6 Ride It Out
7 Bend Not Break
8 Same God
9 One Word At a Time
10 33
11 On Fire
12 The Beginning (Outro)

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