Bethel Music - Have it All (Album)

"Have It All" is one of the most recent christian music CD by the worship group Bethel Music, recorded live. Listen to all its songs for free on the Spotify app; download the full album available on iTunes and Amazon-mp3.
"Have It All" es uno de los disco de musica cristiana en Inglés más reciente por el grupo Bethel Music, grabado en vivo. Escucha todas sus canciones gratis en Spotify; descarga el album completo disponible en iTunes y Amazon-mp3.


1 Shine on Us (Live)
2 Faithful to the End (Live)
3 Have It All (Live)
4 Colors (Spontaneous) [Live]
5 Be Enthroned (Live)
6 Pieces (Live)
7 Lion and the Lamb (Live)
8 Thank You (Live)
9 Praises (Be Lifted Up) [Live]
10 Heaven Come (Live)
11 Sweet Praise (Spontaneous) [Live]
12 Son of God (Live)
13 Greatness of Your Glory (Live)
14 Mercy (Live)
15 Spirit Move (Live)
16 Glory to Glory (Live)

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