Blanca - Real Love (Album) EP

"Real Love" apart from being the name of her latest released Single it is also the title of Blanca's new album EP, where the former member of the Group 1 Crew features in "Give It All" the dominican rapper Redimi2 well-known in the spanish-speaking christian communitiy.

You can listen to all her songs for free in the Spotify music app; the full album is available for download through iTunes, Amazon-mp3, and all other online digital audio stores.

"Real Love" aparte de ser el nombre de su último tema sencillo, también es el título del nuevo album EP de la cantante cristiana estadounidense Blanca, donde la ex integrante del grupo musical Group 1 Crew canta con Redimi2 el tema "Give It All".

Puedes escuchar todas sus canciones totalmente gratis a través de la aplicación de música Spotify; el album completo está disponible para descargar en iTunes, Amazon-mp3, y todas otras tiendas digitales de audio.

(Album art cover; not hosted on this site)



  1. Real Love - Blanca

  2. Undeniable - Blanca

  3. What If - Blanca

  4. Remind Me - Blanca

  5. Give It All - Blanca feat. Redimi2

This may be an anticipation of a full album possibly to come in 2018 from, as one reviewer writes, "one of the most underappreciated but most vocally and aesthetically pleasin voices in christian music today".