Hillsong United - Empires (Album)

"Empires" is the title of one of Sydney Austraulia's worship group Hillsong United new christian music album with the popular songs "Touch the Sky", "Prince of Peace", and "Heart Like Heaven". Listen to it for free on the Spotify app and download the full album available on iTunes and Amazon-mp3 through the links below.
"Empires" (Imperios) es el título de uno de los nuevos CD de música cristiana en Inglés por el grupo de alabanza Hillsong United, de Sydney Australia, con las canciones populares "Touch the Sky", "Prince of Peace", y "Heart Like Heaven". Escucha el disco gratis en la aplicación Spotify y descarga el álbum completo disponible en iTunes y Amazon-mp3 por medio de los siguientes enlaces.

Track list:

1 Here Now (Madness)
2 Say the Word
3 Heart Like Heaven
4 Touch the Sky
5 Street Called Mercy
6 When I Lost My Heart To You (Hallelujah)
7 Even When It Hurts (Praise Song)
8 Prince of Peace
9 Empires
10 Rule
11 Captain
12 Closer Than You Know

Gratis / Free

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Other recent music albums released by Hillsong United include "Oceans", "The White Album (Remix Project)", and the best seller "Zion (Deluxe Edition)".