Leeland - Invisible (2016) New Album

"Invisible is the title of the new CD by the the christian band "Leeland" released in 2016 with the popular tracks "Lion and the Lamb", "Carry It All the Way" and "Son Was Lifted Up" featuring Brian Johnson. Listen to all their songs for free on the the spotify app and download the full album available on iTunes and Amazon-mp3 through the links below.
"Invisible" es el título del nuevo CD de musica cristiana por la banda  "Leeland" lanzado en el 2016 con los temas populares "Lion and the Lamb", "Carry It All the Way" y "Son Was Lifted Up" con Brian Johnson. Escucha todas sus canciones gratis en la aplicación Spotify y descarga el album completo disponible en iTunes y Amazon-mp3 por medio de los siguientes enlaces.


1 Bells of Notre Dame
2 Invisible
3 King of My Heart
4 Perfect Love
5 Lion and the Lamb (Studio)
6 139 / Dead of Night
7 Ever Love You
8 The War
9 Son Was Lifted Up (feat. Brian Johnson)
10 Carry It All Away
11 Beloved
12 For Your Glory
13 Bells of Notre Dame II

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