Escucha las canciones de "This Is Our Time" uno de los discos de musica cristiana por el grupo de alabanza "Planetshakers", y "Momentum" el nuevo album EP lanzado en el 2016, gratis en la aplicación (app) Spotify; disponible para descargar completo en Amazon y iTunes por medio de los siguientes enlaces
Listen to songs from "This Is Our Time" one of the christian music CD by the worship group "Planetshakers", and the new album EP "Momentum" released in 2016, for free on the Spotify app; available for download on Amazon and iTunes through the links below.

Planetshakers - Momentum (2016)


1 Momentum (Live)
2 Nothing Is Impossible (Live)
3 I Know Who You Are
4 Face to Face
5 Come Right Now
6 Video - Momentum (Live)

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Planetshakers - This Is Our Time (Live) [Deluxe]


1 This Is Our Time (Live)
2 Joy (Live)
3 My Heart Is Alive (Live)
4 Leave Me Astounded (Live)
5 Covered (Live)
6 Stronger Than a Thousand Seas (Live)
7 The Water Is Rising (Live)
8 It's Your Love (Live)
9 Sing It Again (Live)
10 You (Live)
11 Holy (Live)
12 He Touched Me (Live)
13 Your Presence (Live)
14 Look to You (Live)
15 Abba Father (Live)
16 Video - This Is Our Time (Live)
17 Video - Joy (Live)
18 Video - Leave Me Astounded (Live)
19 Video - Covered (Live)
20 Video - You / Holy (Live)

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